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Introducing- SB-Touch

Sports Bar and Restaurant Touch Panel TV Control System

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System Features

* Easy control of 16 Receivers & DVD's (source devices) and 64 Displays (HDTV's Projectors, Etc)

* Maintains status of which screens are connected to which receivers using simple on-screen queues.

* Database provides reverse-lookups to the current source that is connected to any TV.

* Exclusive Follow-Me TV feature designates one TV to "Follow-Me" and auto-switch to whatever source is currently showing on the Touch Panel.

* Plug and play simple hookup, designed for HD Cable Box's, Dish & Directv + Autopatch Switcher.  The system comes pre-wired right out of the box.

* Made From Crestron Components, the BEST and most reliable Control Systems in the Business!

* Both Autopatch and Crestron are made in the USA!


2 Ways to make a Selection in 3 simple steps
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Choose "Select TV" Next, Pick the TV you want to Control
(Optionally available is a floor-plan with the TV#'s properly placed on the map.)
The Source that is connected to that TV will automatically be displayed, other TV's that are on the same source will be highlighted on the TV grid on the right.  Add more TV's by touching the TV# or control that Source.
Choose "Select Source" Next, Pick the Source device to Control
(note source labels are not shown in the above example but are included, buttons are marked DTV1,DTV2, CBL1, DVD1, Etc.)
The Proper Source will be Displayed, you can add TV's to that source by tapping the TV# on the Right or control that Source.


The old way - Using an average control system or remote control the operator would need to know exactly which source was playing which program before they could make a decision as to how to switch a TV.  In a crowded and busy business that is nearly impossible even for the most technically savvy employees.  Many times the system is just locked down and no changes are ever made negating the need for having a fancy matrix switcher in the first place.

The New ReSwitch Way - Control so simple that even a non-technical person can operate it.  For instance, lets say a patron sitting by TV number 4 would like to watch a program that is playing across the room at TV 18.  All the attendant would need to do is [Select TV], Choose [TV18] (the TV with the proper program currently playing), a automatic database lookup is performed and the system displays the source that is currently connected to TV18, now all that needs done is to tap the [TV4] button and your done!  3 keystrokes and your customer has his wish.  No other control system can offer this level of automation without paying for a very expensive custom programming.

 ReSwitch has truly solved the control hassle of a multi-TV system!

Additional Features (not complete)

Choose "Select Audio"

Allows for 8 Audio zones to select any of the 16 sources with Volume controls and Full Mute (Volume is optional and depends on what audio equipment installed)

Admin Screen

Pin# Protected

Allows system to be locked (manager access only)

System Setup (pin#, follow-me TV)

System Reset

Choose "Admin"

Included System Components



Now Featuring Crestron CN-MSX(AV/Pro*) Mini-System Controller


  • low cost, packaged control system; ideal for small to midsize applications
  • Cresnet II high-speed, long distance RS-485 local area network
  • internal 50 watt, 110/250 V 50/60 Hz power supply
  • 6 IR/serial/RS-232 ports
  • 8 switch/contact inputs or solid state outputs
  • 8 isolated relay closures
  • 6 bidirectional RS-232 or RS-422 communication ports with hardware handshaking
  • Re-Certified by with 1 year full warranty

*Note: Both MSX/AV & MSX/Pro systems may be shipped depending on availability.

Crestron Ct-3500 Touch Panel


  • 10.4 inch XtraBrite active matrix display
  • Flash memory requires no battery's for data retention
  • Slim-line RJ45 Telephone style Cord for easy connection
  • 65k Color Display
  • supports Windows fonts
  • import photos, icons, drawings
  • RS-232 interface for stand-alone applications
  • operates on the Cresnet II Control System Network
  • available in adjustable tilt case or lectern mount
  • Re-Certified by with 1 year full warranty


Using a professional systems integrator, a system like this would cost well over $20,000, now you can obtain this high level of connectivity and control by buying our packaged system and hiring a local technician for a fraction of regular cost.

The system comes pre-configured and pre-wired with the IR flashers, all you have to do is stick the flashers to your source equipment and plug in the switcher. 

Cost is thousands less then any other system out there, Call for a quote!

Now available for Neo-Pro and Shinybow Switchers too!  Have another switcher?  Call for details.

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