Sports-Bar Touch Panel 
TV Control System


System overview

"Controls Matrix Switcher plus Sources allowing attendants to easily change content to any TV without any advanced knowledge of the system or which program is playing"

* Elegant pedestal Touch Panel (Wall mount optional)
Easy control of any number of TV's
* Move programs between TV's with only 3 keystrokes!
* Database keeps track of each TV's source connection
* iPad/Android/PC control from anywhere!
* Audio Zone(s) Control available
* DMX Lighting Control available
* Channel Presets w/Icons
* Interfaces with all popular matrix switching systems

Why do you need this?(SportsBar)

Today's Sports Bars and Restaurants have a unique application for multiple TV's and displays.  Customers today are demanding instant access to their favorite programs and games near their location in the venue.

Control as Simple as 1,2,3!

In a multi-TV environment it's not IF the program is playing that your patron wants to see, it's where.  For example, a patron sits down near TV 20 and requests a program that is currently playing on TV9 across the room.  All the attendant has to do is 1. Select "TV menu", Step 2. Select TV 9 (the TV with the proper program), then a screen will appear showing the source that is connected to TV 9 along with a panel showing all your TV's. Step 3. just hit TV20.  With three touches you have pulled the program that was playing on TV9 to TV20 and satisfied your patron. 

Which System?

 There are 2 choices facing establishments.  One is to use a separate Set-Top-Box (STB) for each TV and pay the Satellite or Cable company for EACH one.  Commercial fees can exceed $20 for every TV, EVERY MONTH!  The STB solution will also not allow for any local content (PC Advertizing, DVD's, Media Players, VCRs or Cameras), every TV MUST show either Cable Company or Satellite Content, control can only be done by walking to each TV and carefully pointing a remote.  

The other choice is a Matrix Switch & Control Solution which allows you to pay monthly fees on fewer receivers and  you can now switch any source to any combination of TV's, you only need pay for the number of SEPARATE program sources you need.  IE, how many different Football games can you really show at one time?  The Matrix also allows you to intermix local content easily such as DVD's, Media players, Local Cameras, Computers or Advertisement.  Our SB-Touch Panel controller allows you to control both the Matrix switch AND the source box's channel selections as well as control from anywhere using an iPad or Tablet.

Our standard system includes a 12" Crestron Touch Panel with on-screen video monitor, Crestron Controller  & customizing.  Prewired to connect easily to your sources (DTV, Cable, DVD, etc).

Don't have a switching system yet?  We can supply both Our SB-Touch and a HDMI Video Matrix at the best price anywhere!  Click her to see our Switching systems

Call us now to discuss your exact requirements.

Hockey, Soccer & Baseball are here now and NFL is around the corner, it's time to get this ultimate system!

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SB-Touch V2 & Controller w/pre-wired IR Flashers (click here for more information)


Custom Floor Layouts Included

Video Monitor and Controls


Controlling your system

Our SB-touch system will allow even non-technical employees and attendants to easily change programs on any TV with only 5 minutes of training.  it utilizes a built-in database that remembers which TV is connected to what source/receiver so no one has to keep track of any receiver settings.  This system now comes with our V2 system which has a 12" Touch-panel w/3d graphics plus Ethernet and iPad/Android connectivity.

Please click this link for more complete info on the SBtouch system.

Installing the System

Low cost Coax or Cat5 cable and crimp on compression connectors are available which allow for easy custom length cables, limited technical knowledge is required as we pre-wire everything right out of the box, all you need to do is make up the cables to connect the Receivers and TV's. Then stick on the pre-wired IR Flashers onto the source equipment (allows the touch screen to control your Receivers/DVD's/etc).  A local entry level installer can easily be found in your area to help out and we will provide phone and email support for free!

Why buy from Us?

  We have 10 years+ experience with Matrix Switchers and we have certified these units to work together perfectly plus we will stand behind them 100% in many cases with better support then the orginal factory would with a 1 year full warranty.  Should you have any issues we have replacement units which we will gladly exchange.  Even if you have issues months or years from now we will be here to help and keep your installation operating.  We can also help with initial system installation design and we have many more tested and approved widgets to make your system grow more easily,  You can consider our help a fringe benefit of the sale or "Value Added" as some would say.   

See our Video Switcher website:

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Shop around, we will beat any comparable competitors system price by as much as 60%!  
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