Introducing the ReSwitch HDMI System!

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Introducing the easiest most inexpensive system ever to distribute 1080p full digital HDTV to multiple TV's and display devices.  HDMI video and audio are converted to SDV (Coax) or IP (Cat5), then our exclusive Re-Switch Matrix switch redirects the video to any destination device.  

Simple Hookup!

HDMI is converted using a small converter at both the source and the TV end, the converters may be powered via any USB port on the TV for a super simple and clean hookup.

Instant Switching!

Since the source converters stay locked onto the signal providing a clean continuous video stream to the switch, switching displays is nearly instant unlike other HDMI switching systems that take 5-10 seconds to relock the signal.  

Large Systems 

Switchers can be cascaded to make any size system, or add one later when you need to add more displays.  Systems to hundreds of Displays are possible! 

More Versatile!

    Here at we have been busy testing and certifying new equipment and have found many adapters that will allow you to integrate just about any signal to our system, you can mix and match computers along with HDTV & SDTV systems which allows you to switch any signal to any display  These adapters will allow the best of both worlds (Digital and Analog) and work together with none of the drawbacks of current HDMI switching systems.

System Features

* SDV provides no loss in quality, perfect full digital HD!

* Fast (near instant) Switching

* No incompatibilities, no need to switch twice, rock solid switching

* Intermix Analog Component converters along with HDMI 

* Long wire runs are possible (300+ feet)

* Resistant to power surges and nearby lightning

* Modular w/redundant power supply's lowers the risk of system wide outages.

Cost has partnered with a large well known large SDV video equipment manufacture which allows us to offer this incredible system for thousands less then traditional HDMI switching.   All components are brand new (not refurbished), the switcher carry's a 3 year warranty and the converters are covered with a 1  year warranty.   A 16x32 system anywhere else runs 30k or more, call us to see how may thousands you will save using our system!  Combine this with our SB-Touch V1 or V2 Touch panel control system and you have a complete turnkey system for tens of thousands less then any other manufacture.   SB-touch V2 now comes standard with iPad and Android control!

On a budget, please see our component analog switches and save even more!!!

  More Questions?

    Give us a call or email your requirements, ReSwitch will help you design and find all the items you need including wiring and interconnects.  ReSwitch will stay with you all the way from concept to your grand opening and be there in the future if there are ever any issues.  Remember ReSwitch systems can be upgraded easily so if your needs grow a ReSwitch system can grow right with you without having to start over. (865) 567-1313
Tech support hours are 10-4 M-F est.

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