Introducing the ReSwitch HDMI Cat-5 KIT

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  This $99 kit (with switcher purchase) provides everything you need to convert one analog output to Cat-5 and then to HDMI at the TV or display device.  Kits are also available for input channels to allow sources like Blu-Ray's which don't have analog jacks to connect to our switchers.

You may have heard that analog video is going away and/or being outlawed,
n Fact using conversion kits like this achieves the best of both worlds, the clarity of digital transmission AND the instant switching and reliability of our Autopatch systems.  

     Now and for the foreseeable future, Analog switching is the most efficient way to to grow a large system.  HDMI switching simply does not scale easily to large systems, incompatibly and slow switching issues still exist and long runs are especially problematic.  While true HDMI switching does exist it can not be found on the low cost pre-owned market and anything over 4 outputs is insanely expensive.

If you have any doubts about using analog switching, please read this! (Click here)

    Here at we have been busy testing and certifying HDMI equipment and have found several adapters that will allow you to integrate HDMI onto our analog matrix switchers thus making an Hybrid system.  These adapters will allow the best of both worlds (Digital and Analog) to work together with none of the drawbacks of current HDMI switching systems.

System Features

* No loss in quality, perfect HD!

* Instant Switches, no wait when you change a source

* No incompatibilities, no need to switch twice, rock solid switching

* Intermix Analog Component and HDMI on Sources and Designations

* Long wire runs are possible (300+ feet)

* Resistant to power surges

* Modular, lowers the risk of system wide outages.

How it works;

     Simply select the appropriate size matrix switcher from our available inventory, then decide how many sources or display devices need to be HDMI.  We can supply the adapters for $75 each or adapter kits for $99 which include all interconnects required to connect to our switch.  All you have to do is supply the HDMI cable and/or use Cat5 HDMI extenders for longer runs.  HDMI and Component Analog can co-exist on sources and displays.

More Questions?

    Give us a call or email your requirements and any concerns. ReSwitch will help you design and find all the items you need including wiring and interconnects.  ReSwitch will stay with you all the way from concept to your grand opening and be there in the future if there are ever any issues.  Remember ReSwitch systems can be upgraded easily so if your needs grow a ReSwitch system can grow right with you without having to start over. (865) 567-1313
Tech support hours are 10-4 M-F est.

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Long Live Analog!!!!!