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Digital Replacement Systems

If you use an older AMX/Autopatch system now and it's time to upgrade 9or replace it we have the perfect digital solution what will continue to use your existing wires and respond to the same code set as your original switch.  This allows for simple drop in replacement and NO recoding or reprogramming of the control system (Crestron/AMX/Control4/Etc).  

Mixed Signal Types

Our digital systems can accept HDMI/VGA/Component and audio in any combination, that is you can have mixed sources and destinations (any type signal on the inputs or outputs).  The system will for instance have 1080p HDMI on source #1, 1080i Component on source 2 and Composite Video on source 3 and have a HDMI TV on Output 1, a standard Composite TV on Output 2 plus a VGA monitor on Output 3.  With the previous described configuration you will be able to switch any of those sources to any of those destinations, the system will up-convert or down-convert the signals as needed.  


The system uses either single COAX or Cat5/6 cables between both the source and the destination (to and from the switch).  This is accomplished be using an active converter that converts your source signal to a common format and wire type, it is then ran to the switch   From the switch you run similar cable and another format converter at the destination.  You can have 300-600 feet of cable between the format converts and the switch (unlimited distance with extenders).


We use a custom programmed controller that will interface the new digital system to your older controls (or control system).  We program it in a way that the new system will respond exactly the same as your original system therefore no reprogramming of the controls will be needed, you will operate the new system exactly the same as the original one.  Should you need new controls we can provide either a Touch panel solution or a manual button type panel solution.  For sports-bars and restaurants see our SB-Touch system on

Mission Critical

Many systems are used in mission critical environments with 100% uptime requirements, we address this concern by using only the highest quality components as well as (up-to) triple redundant power supplies and local/remote monitoring of critical internal components.  Our experts have 10+ years of Matrix switcher experience and know what components are likely to fail and have pre-addressed all possible issues before the switch ships.   Our goal is a system with a minimum of 5 years uptime without maintenance.  Once you have upgraded to "Mission Critical" status the ReSwitch team will be pro-active on all aspects of your systems operation.  Should any possible issues come to our attention you will be notified and a pro-active fix will be applied.  If you have a mission critical environment you can be sure our systems will not disappoint you. 


Large older systems such as the Epica cost upwards of $100k and the newer digital replacement is even more costly plus all the cables must be replaced and the control system will need to be reprogrammed.   Our replacement digital system costs only 30-40% of any other manufactures solution, uses your existing cabling and responds to the same control codes as your original system.  If your company is watching the bottom line, our solution is a no-brainer.











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